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Transactional funding

We will do One Day Transactional Funding up to $200,000. Above $200,000 is handled case by case.  Our fee is $1100 up to $100,000 plus any wiring fees charged to us by an attorney and/or bank. $1600 plus wire fees if you need between $100,000.01 and $200,000.  No percentage or processing fees of any kind. We keep this simple.

To submit a request, please follow the directions below. We cannot realistically move forward without this information because it would be an incomplete picture.

Submit the following requirements to

  • In the subject line of the e-mail, please type Transactional Funding Request – insert property address
  • Copy of A to B contract
  • Copy of B to C contract
  • A to B HUD – please specify if we are funding the full amount of a portion (sometimes creative situations arise)
  • Closing attorney contact info
  • Closing date
  • B to C earnest money needs to be in escrow with closing attorney prior to our funding
  • We will provide the closing attorney our payoff and closing instructions.

We are not concerned with how much you make on the deal as long as your C Buyer closes so have confidence with that. We can provide a Proof of Funds if necessary. Let us know how we can serve you today.

Hard Money?

HD-logoWhile we don’t offer hard money, we can offer refer you to Atlanta Private Lending.  They provide hard money loans to professional real estate investors. Their focus is funding non-owner occupied property for renovation and investment purposes.

As a direct lender, they give their clients the ability to get quick answers to their loan questions, common sense underwriting and fast closings to meet your funding needs. Their goals are to offer the most competitive lending options to their clients and to provide the best customer service. They do not want to close just one deal—they want build a relationship that will grow for years to come.
Feel free to contact them anytime to discuss your loan scenarios, general questions and funding needs at 770-354-1899 or contact James Melton by email at


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